Creating a Rezoomo account and supercharging your recruitment could not be easier. 

We aim to reduce your recruitment costs while also building a better recruitment experience for both you and your candidates. 

Simply fill out your company details on the "Sign Up" form link or go to our "Employers" page and choose a 30 day trial of one of our plans. You will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your email address. Follow the link to confirm and you are in.

When you first log in to Rezoomo you will need to create a company profile. Once your profile is completed your company will be live on Rezoomo where job seekers can start submitting their CVs to your database.

You will not be able to use any of the features in Rezoomo until you choose a 30 free trial on one of our subscriptions. If you did not sign up through one of our plans, you can start your free trial in the billing section on your "Company Profile" area.