In your dashboard under the Jobs tab, click 'Add New'.

This will bring you to the Add New Job page. 

Here you just follow the six simple steps laid out on this page:

1. Enter the basic job information, Title, Location, Job Type, Function, Skills Required, Salary and how long you want the ad to appear for.

2. Enter your job description, the more detail the better. If you want to attract the very best candidates, tell them why they should work for you. Is your company a great place to work? The candidate won't know unless you tell them.

3. Select what, if any, images or videos to attach to the job description. We always recommend attaching media to give the candidate a better view of the role, the company and its culture.

4. Select which jobs boards you want to push your job out to. Just click the 'On' button for the boards you want.

5. Select how many interview steps you want for this job. This can be edited later. You can also choose to show this on the job advertisement, giving better transparency and a better candidate experience.

6. Finally, select the social media channels you want to post the job to.

Hit save and your job is now live!